Wall Paint

I primed all the walls with Zinsser Interior Oil Primer w/Bond Coat…not a fan of oil-based products, but wanted to be sure the primer really adhered to the vinyl walls

And I found that those paint trimmer / edgers work really well…time consuming, but I was really pleased with the results – you definitely need two coats though


We also decided to paint the ceilings – going with the same color as walls to give the room more height (I think that’s what Ms Designer aka daughter said)


The results are really nice!  I’ll give all the a/c vent covers a fresh coat of white to match the light fixtures


You can see in the pic below one coat just isn’t enough – prepping the ceiling (removing all the fixtures, vent covers, etc) for paint was pretty time consuming, but worth it.  In the pic below, you can also get a glimpse of my repurposed light fixtures in the slide…from brushed nickel to satin black – they will compliment hardware nicely!



One thought on “Wall Paint

  1. She’s absolutely right about painting the ceiling and you will love it. In a small space aim for low contrast. Those white ceilings define the space and make it look so small! We didn’t paint our ceilings the same as the walls because they are dark coffee brown, I’m trying to find the right solution for those white ceilings now. It will come to me after living in there a bit. Thanks for sharing!

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