Tortoise – that would be me!

Well, the piping FINALLY came in & thankfully it was the right color! This is birthday weekend & there’s a zillion thing I should be doing, but couldn’t resist finishing off the second base cushion – doubtful the backs will be easier, but I’m halfway there – woohoo!!!!!!



Slow ‘n Steady

Originally I’d hoped to finish renovations be the end of the year…well…maybe end of January? We shall see! The To Do list is still pretty lengthy, but I’m whittling away one weekend at at time.

This past weekend I’ve been putting on the second coat of paint on ceilings & walls…I’m gradually getting there – lost daylight yesterday, but only another hour or so of painting in the bedroom. Next on the list is redoing the countertops…why yes, I did hire someone! Why no, they did not complete the job! Oh well, just another opportunity to learn something new – going with Daisch Coatings Spreadstone countertop refinishing kit – seems straightforward enough and they include everything – stay tuned…

Yesterday I had a sweet surprise – my daughter gave Lucille a little holiday flare 🙂


Actually, there was a cute little rug & a few accessories for Lucille: a wall piece to hang keys, two beautiful crosses, a yummy turquoise throw & a frame….so sweet!

Oh! And my faucets came in! Below you can see the sink & faucet dry-fitted. If you’re in need of hardware, check out Signature Hardware – great selection & prices to fit any budget