Let the Sun Shine In!

20131002-073249.jpgWindow treatments.  Who knew it could be so challenging to find the right look?  When I first purchased Lucille I knew something had to be done with the windows…  the shades had seen MUCH brighter days and the cornices…well…aside from the fabric not being anything remotely Lucille style… had to go…

But to what???? As you know, I’m a Pinterest fan, so off I went to window treatment idea land… oh so many fabulous ideas! DIY painted roller shades, custom cornices, cute & fun fabric curtains…

The challenge:  Lucille will be in the country… the beautiful, very DUSTY country!  As much as I love the feel of fabric, keeping cornices clean might prove to be a challenge…simple sheers would wash easy…would I really wash them???? Customized roller shades sound fun, but then there’s that cornice issue again…and considering how long it’s taken me to upholster dinette cushions perhaps I should keep thinking…

My preference is to let the sun shine in and maximize an open feel in fairly tight quarters… but from time to time I may need some degree of privacy… I finally landed on the idea of woven blinds – haven’t seen any campers using them, but why not???  So off Miss Designer and I went to Lowes to check out a few samples… we picked up three to test: natural woven (darker tone), white (faux natural – PLASTIC), and a medium tone…

IMG_0124Since I Iwanted an airy open feel, I was certain light was the way to go…well, maybe not…the white looked cheap, but the darker tone? The LAST one I would have thought would look good?  SO PRETTY!!!! Guess that’s why I have a personal designer!  With non-standard widths and lengths, I figured blinds.com was the way to go… not the most frugal approach to window treatments, but I do believe they will be just what I wanted…and yes, I splurged to add the trim 😀

Stay tuned for installation pics!  I’ll be installing at least one this weekend!


Happy Anniversary Lucille!

Wow….a year already??????? Happy Anniversary little lady! Here’s to a year of dreams unfolding


The Flip

Last week my household was hit by the dead battery epidemic! My daughter’s car was the first….actually it was the Jeep, but the battery has been drained in it for some time… anyway… Friday as I left work…attempted to leave work, that is…my battery was dead too! IMG_0087

Thankfully my boss was parked one spot over, gave the car a jolt, and I was on my way!

The reminder that if you don’t run a vehicle chances are pretty high the battery will die prompted me to run over to the storage unit…

Why yes! The battery on Lucille was dead too! I’d forgotten to take the fuse out & my small solar charger doesn’t seem to do the trick.


Not a huge deal, but it was nice to sit and visit her for a while!


As I was looking around, I was thinking….”maybe I should finish those cushions this weekend!” and then I started thinking some more…I love the patterns, but not exactly excited about dealing with the chevron pattern again…I’m one of those seamstresses that ALWAYS notices when plaids & stripes don’t align and knew I was in for a challenge matching the chevron…then it hit me…why not FLIP the patterns? Use the floral as the primary for the back cushion and the chevron for the side panels??? I think it will look fun & fabulous, don’t you?????


I didn’t actually get started on them – switched the craft room with another bedroom instead! Everything isn’t quite in it’s place, but how grand to have a space dedicated to special projects!





Ahhhhh…..Texas rain! I was thinkin’…oh to be in the country sitting on Lucille’s porch in a cozy rocker with a cup of coffee listening to raindrops splashing on her tin roof and birds waiting patiently to sing their songs…

Of course, I’m not in the country… today….

Lucille’s still in storage… today…

She doesn’t have a porch…or a tin roof…today…

BUT the dream is alive and well! My someDAY getaway….

I may need to buy a cozy rocker! 😀

Same Bat-Time, Same Bat-Channel…

God will providePoor Lucille….sitting patiently waiting for progress… this has certainly been a summer! A couple of weeks ago I ran across an image..Facebook perhaps?  I don’t  recall, but it captured my attention all the same – it’s quite easy for us to make plans and then just expect God will work it into His, isn’t it?

This summer hasn’t exactly been what I had in mind, but thankfully God still provided exactly what I needed and exactly when I needed it.

This summer has been a giving season of sorts to those in need of an encourager – someone willing to stand in the gap.  Did I hit my expected mark each time? Doubtful.  But I gave what I had in the circumstance and I’m confident God was the one really filling the gap.

Who knows what the Fall will bring…perhaps Lucille will get the much needed attention to finish up the last few big projects.  Perhaps she will move to her new home in the country…perhaps…

Tortoise – that would be me!

Well, the piping FINALLY came in & thankfully it was the right color! This is birthday weekend & there’s a zillion thing I should be doing, but couldn’t resist finishing off the second base cushion – doubtful the backs will be easier, but I’m halfway there – woohoo!!!!!!


Some things are best left to professionals…

Anyone who has spent any amount of time on Pinterest undoubtedly has seen posts for easy DIY cushions….being the frugal gal that I am, I decided to recover the dinette cushions myself. Now I have sewn for years – mostly garments, but I’ve also dabbled in home decor. Well, perhaps it was more of a speckle….I made the bedding for my daughter’s room….baby room, that is…some 25yrs ago!

Anxious to see something new in Lucille other than linens, I ventured into the land of high density foam and fabric! The existing cushion foam was…well…yucky…and frankly a bit smelly. I read tales of folks attempting to clean dinette cushions and the results were less than appealing.

A few weeks ago I coerced my daughter to go with me to Hobby Lobby…we (she) found the perfect fabric! Mind you, I thought I’d found the perfect fabric weeks earlier, but I discovered she was only placating me…I must admit, I’m much happier with the final selection – similar colors, but much brighter

That was weeks ago! I had the fabric but needed piping, so off I went to JoAnn Fabrics – as luck would have it, they had foam on sale (that stuff is pricey!) so I bit the bullet and purchased enough to completely redo seats & backs….about the backs….they’re arched….the lady at JoAnn’s made cutting the foam look so easy – it wasn’t! At least not with the cheap electric knife I bought…it was not even AT ALL…trying not to panic at the thought of throwing away $75 (did I mention foam is pricey?)…I did what any frugal gal would do…IMPROVISE! Originally, I was going to fill in the unevenness with batting & top with 1″ foam….as it turns out, the 1″ roll of foam was pretty pricey too…that’s when I discovered Smart Foam – it’s like a foam/batting blend – the picture below isn’t the best angle, but you can see where it evens out my poor trim job…and yes, it really is even now..

I’m starting with the seats first to get the hang of things – the chevron is stamped not woven, which means it wasn’t really straight – I cut a strip long enough to allow proper alignment on the cushion. One of the posts I saw recommended placing the fabric on the foam and then pinning the piping to the fabric – I sort of followed that logic, but pinned and/or penciled a basting line first

and followed with stitching – once the basting stitch was in place, I pinned the piping & the basted it as well

Once the piping was basted I pinned the side strips – I recycled the zippers from the original cushions, but it’s still a chore to get it over the foam!

If I were at the beginning again, I may very well have opted to have them done professionally. It’s far from perfect, but I think they’ll do just fine…one down…three to go!