All sorts of goodies for Lucille!

Just the headboard I’ve been searching for…at a great price! A coat of paint and it’ll be ready to install!

20130624-130036.jpgAnd yes….I realize I bought a lovely vintage spread a month or so ago, but why limit Lucille to just one outfit???? The colors in this lightweight quilt couldn’t be more perfect!
The finished product is on the way, but here’s the draft…looooove it! From Etsy Shop RubbishRampage
For now I’ve opted for an air mattress, but I wanted it to look & feel like a real mattress…look what I found! Not your average mattress topper….it literally looks & feels like a pillow top!

Pretty pillow cases on & a cute pillow too!

I stumbled across a store on Etsy that recycles license plates – you choose your letters/numbers for a custom sign…bet ya can’t guess!!!!

I thought these pillowcases were embroidered, but they weren’t – still lovely!
These are as pretty as the picture! Gorgeous crochet work on heavy muslin
Been searching for months for a vintage stovetop drip coffee pot & bingo! Here it is! Of course any coffee connoisseur (snob) has a French press but this just had Lucille’s name on it 😀


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