You’ve heard of writing Scriptures on beams when framing a house? How about literally standing on God’s Word! An evening of fellowship & meditation on many beautiful verses w/ladies from my bible study group

This is the flooring choice: TrafficMaster Allure Barnwood from Home Depot

First few strips going down…the wall is surprisingly square!

In my research, I found a blogger who gave FABULOUS instructions on installing Allure Flooring (http://www.rv-boondocking-the-good-life.com/rvflooringreplacement.html) …here’s a new tip if you have a slide out: I don’t know what it’s called, but you know the rubber strip (to the left of the slide in the photo below)? Unscrew and remove the rubber covering; run your flooring up to it – mine lapped over the metal flashing maybe 1/8″ – when I put the rubber cover back on, the screws held the glue strip!

An easy way I found to fit those odd angles was to make a pattern – I simply folded a sheet of paper to fit the angles – cut it out & voila! You have an exact template! I didn’t save the pattern I made for the kitchen, but I’ll be sure to do it for the shower…super easy & great results!



Hallelujah! The flooring is finished! There wasn’t tons left to do, but there were tons of cuts and tiny spaces! The spaces beside the bed were a bit of a challenge – mostly because spacing is just so tight, but we got it to work


Angles around the shower area were fairly straightforward – especially since we did the kitchen last week20121216-202213.jpg

The “water closet” was another time consuming area, but one we got the wall supports out of the way it was MUCH easier….and….check out the cuts around the drain! Used a paint can to create a template and then we used this handy little tool to cut the curves….worked like a charm (well, pretty much!) 20121216-202224.jpg


9 thoughts on “Flooring

  1. Max, you done an out standing job it really look nice the slide out tip will be a big help. The odd angels are a challenge, I found a tool at Harbor Freight that makes the angels easy, I’m not sure what it’s called but it sure works good. Your going to really enjoy your new flooring.

  2. I was wondering if that type of flooring would be suitable for a 5th wheel in Canada, where the temps go down to -30 ?

  3. Hi! I’ve read some reviews about how this brand has an odor..some to the point of having headaches? :/ Do you find this to be true on any level?

    Thanks so much!

    • Hi Kayla! No, I don’t recall experiencing any obnoxious odor at all. My guess is the reviews are talking about that awful vinyl smell (thoughts of swim floats come to mind!)? Our summers in SE Texas are HOT and my camper hasn’t been covered so if there was a long term odor I’m pretty sure I would have noticed – good luck!

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