My Journey

Welcome and thanks for joining me on this part of my journey! To get the whole story…the day in day out of a gal learning how to lean on God, click here

In some form or fashion, I have been searching for my own getaway spot for several years.  I’ve frequented quite a few places hosted by others and thoroughly enjoyed them…hidden in the background of my heart was a desire to have one of my own.

I will say the idea of an RV wasn’t in view until early 2011, but since I still had a child in college the idea DID NOT sound realistic. I tucked it away with many other dreams.

NOTE TO READERS: if you have a habit of shelving dreams, DON’T! Trust them to God – He’ll handle it – we just need to exercise a little patience!

Here’s a quick timeline to help you see how God has worked on this dream:

Spring 2009 thru Winter 2010: frequent getaways to rentals off the beaten path (mostly Central & East Texas)

Spring 2010: new friendship developed through bible study group – guess who owns land in East Texas?

Spring 2011: FINALLY visited friend’s property – GORGEOUS! PEACEFUL!  God is surely in this place!  Such a wonderfully generous couple – they actually offered (not just to me) to allow me to put a camper (or the like) on their land!

Fall 2011: Plans to marry, write a book (that’s a different blog!) and be in full-time ministry travelling in a motorhome – started looking at motorhomes trying to visualize living in such a small space

Winter 2011/Early 2012:  NOT getting married and dreams of travelling in a motorhome evaporated as well…writing? Still a burden on my heart, but call me Moses – still not convinced that’s what God is calling me to do

Spring 2012:

  • the dream rekindled…couldn’t snuff the idea of a getaway…a quiet place to write and be still…the offer from my friends still stands…we work through details…come up with a budget to prepare an area
  • how do you combine a cabin and RV?  Why yes! A renovated Airstream!  She was quaint and felt so right…alas, she wasn’t the one… the dream continues though…the big change?  I’m trusting God to provide!

Summer 2012: still searching…haven’t actually stepped foot in another camper since the Airstream (it really was beautiful!)

Fall 2012:

  • consignment website I’ve been following announces upcoming sale – time to hit the pavement and seriously look at options!  Actually, the true motivation was another Airstream they had listed…
  • REALITY CHECK!  after hours of looking at RVs – in the rain I might add – I discover what I’m willing to spend and what is available are miles apart…
  • head home, but surprisingly not discouraged!  I just knew God would provide the perfect RV at the perfect time
  • God is so faithful! 
  • That evening I revisited a website (sort of a cleaned up craigslist) – low and behold, a small business near me had something available (in my price range)….
  • what’s this????? ANOTHER RV????? right near my house?????
  • less than 24hrs later, I am the proud owner of a 2007 Jayco Jayflight 31RKS – she appears to be in great shape – a special touch to make it feel cozy is just what she needs!

For now, the plan is to give Lucille (that’s what my daughter & I named her!) a fresh new look and then move her to my friend’s property – NO EXCUSES not to get that book written!  Another exciting part?  If (or maybe when) God calls me to hit the road with the book’s message, I will already have a home on wheels!

Stay tuned and enjoy!  I’ll be documenting all the before / afters and all the in-betweens!

I actually did it! Purchase Complete!

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