Time for a New Chapter!

I’m a wee bit late in this post…I shared some on FB last month, but thought I’d better close out this portion of my journey blog….

God is so faithful to provide EXACTLY what I need WHEN I need it – my precious camper, Lucille, was destroyed during one of the storms that came through SE Texas in late April this year.

Odd as this may sound, do you ever find yourself overwhelmed by blessings? Granted, many may not think of blessings when faced with a major loss as many families were impacted by the insane weather events in SE Texas over the past couple of months …much more extensive than a destroyed camper…

But there are blessings all the same…look up and you can’t miss them! God provides thru every single storm…our challenge is to trust Him to see us thru..

My continued prayer is for anyone facing the seemingly insurmountable task of beginning again…whatever that picture looks like…remember this:


From the first time I crossed the threshold, an overwhelming and indescribable peace came over me…God was in that place – a camper! A dingy…and stinky camper!

Within minutes I wrote a check…a BIG check (for me!) and honestly, I was a bit concerned about buyers remorse – I don’t exactly have the best track record with seemingly hasty decisions…except this time it wasn’t hasty at all… I’d been earnestly praying for months for God to lead the way with unwavering patience… and lead He did!  From the first to the last time I crossed her threshold, I immediately exhaled the cares of the world as I allowed God to speak to my spirit and teach me along the way…

I’ll miss Lucille the camper dearly, but smile with each & every thought of her. Although she never made it to the country, I still have a treasure trove of wonderful memories shared with family & friends…20130608-181422.jpg

….like the late night spent with my precious sisters in Christ writing scripture all around the floor….that’s literally standing on His Word!20121212-145142.jpg

….my sweet & oh so patient daughter with her amazing designer’s vision cheering me on every step of the way….

….the crazy hard, but oh so fun weekends with “my friend Susie” laying new flooring…

….quiet afternoons at the storage lot listening to birds sing & drifting off to sleep on her snazzy red leather love seat…image


…shopping Etsy for vintage goodies…


and especially visits with family & friends who needed an escape…yes – even in a storage lot!  It goes to show ya that location isn’t everything – it’s about blooming where you’re planted😊 #newseason #bloomwhereyouareplanted #friendsforever

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Will I ever have another Someday Getaway? Who knows!