All in Good Time…

Oh my goodness…2014 zoomed by with such little progress on Lucille! Not that 2014 wasn’t chock full of life events – just hop over to my other blog, Celeta’s Journey, and you’ll see what I mean.

The only thing that’s really changed with Lucille is that she’s no longer at the storage lot – let me tell you though, she really came in handy last summer!

Happy CamperI always talk about how peaceful it is to just sit inside Lucille – even unfinished – even in a storage lot – with views of other campers and the scent of the chinese restaurant nearby.  Last summer was no exception.  It was tough time – really tough.  My father passed after a battle with Alzheimer’s, my stepdad had unexpected surgery while visiting from California, my parents moved back to Texas (much sooner than expected), and I was ill ( & didn’t have a clue!)

In the midst of chaos, there was sweet little Lucille…waiting to welcome me and others…on more than one occasion… to find rest while God whispered His promises to our hearts.  Her floors covered in Scripture quietly assured visitors it was okay to shed tears and voice fears…of pain, lost expectations, the known and the unknown…all who entered knew God was in this place, were blessed and welcomed.

The last time I really spent any time in her was just before my *official* cancer diagnosis in October.  I declare – I miss her! Sounds silly to miss a camper, but I do!  I didn’t realize how much until I visited last week – for now, she’s housed at my friend’s house (talk about great friends!)  No, they don’t really have room – that’s just the great people they are!  The same things are still unfinished inside, but the peace? It’s still there!  imageI walked through…making my to-do list…most of which I’m not physically capable of doing right now, but I felt better making a list.  Hopefully…hopefully some time this year a few items will get crossed off the list.  We’re going to see just what it will take moneywise to get her moved to the country – bare essentials like the base platform, water and solar necessities.  Heck maybe not even power!

My dream come true will be to spend a weekend in her – listening to the wind in the trees and the crickets singing a goodnight lullaby…all in good time…