Or Maybe Penny Countertops???

I declare….will I ever finish Lucille’s counters??? I really liked the original plan, but since my contractor skipped town w/out completing the job I’ve been a wee bit hesitant to invest more money. I found a good product by Daisch, but I’m just not a fan of the color….it’s a bit bland for my taste.

I’d posted something on Pinterest ages ago for the vanity backsplash: pennies! Then today while I was rummaging around Pinterest I ran across a DIY countertop w/pennies. I’m sure I’ve seen them a gazillion times – the idea just never clicked

I figured the best way to see if I liked the look was to grab a bag of pennies & go check it out! Obviously I need a bunch more pennies, but I think I like it!




2 thoughts on “Or Maybe Penny Countertops???

  1. How awesome! I love the coppery pennies against you blinds… so pretty! I’ve been wanting new countertops in my trailer, but I haven’t found the perfect idea yet lol

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