Let the Sun Shine In!

20131002-073249.jpgWindow treatments.  Who knew it could be so challenging to find the right look?  When I first purchased Lucille I knew something had to be done with the windows…  the shades had seen MUCH brighter days and the cornices…well…aside from the fabric not being anything remotely Lucille style… had to go…

But to what???? As you know, I’m a Pinterest fan, so off I went to window treatment idea land… oh so many fabulous ideas! DIY painted roller shades, custom cornices, cute & fun fabric curtains…

The challenge:  Lucille will be in the country… the beautiful, very DUSTY country!  As much as I love the feel of fabric, keeping cornices clean might prove to be a challenge…simple sheers would wash easy…would I really wash them???? Customized roller shades sound fun, but then there’s that cornice issue again…and considering how long it’s taken me to upholster dinette cushions perhaps I should keep thinking…

My preference is to let the sun shine in and maximize an open feel in fairly tight quarters… but from time to time I may need some degree of privacy… I finally landed on the idea of woven blinds – haven’t seen any campers using them, but why not???  So off Miss Designer and I went to Lowes to check out a few samples… we picked up three to test: natural woven (darker tone), white (faux natural – PLASTIC), and a medium tone…

IMG_0124Since I Iwanted an airy open feel, I was certain light was the way to go…well, maybe not…the white looked cheap, but the darker tone? The LAST one I would have thought would look good?  SO PRETTY!!!! Guess that’s why I have a personal designer!  With non-standard widths and lengths, I figured blinds.com was the way to go… not the most frugal approach to window treatments, but I do believe they will be just what I wanted…and yes, I splurged to add the trim 😀

Stay tuned for installation pics!  I’ll be installing at least one this weekend!


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