Happy Anniversary Lucille!

Wow….a year already??????? Happy Anniversary little lady! Here’s to a year of dreams unfolding



The Flip

Last week my household was hit by the dead battery epidemic! My daughter’s car was the first….actually it was the Jeep, but the battery has been drained in it for some time… anyway… Friday as I left work…attempted to leave work, that is…my battery was dead too! IMG_0087

Thankfully my boss was parked one spot over, gave the car a jolt, and I was on my way!

The reminder that if you don’t run a vehicle chances are pretty high the battery will die prompted me to run over to the storage unit…

Why yes! The battery on Lucille was dead too! I’d forgotten to take the fuse out & my small solar charger doesn’t seem to do the trick.


Not a huge deal, but it was nice to sit and visit her for a while!


As I was looking around, I was thinking….”maybe I should finish those cushions this weekend!” and then I started thinking some more…I love the patterns, but not exactly excited about dealing with the chevron pattern again…I’m one of those seamstresses that ALWAYS notices when plaids & stripes don’t align and knew I was in for a challenge matching the chevron…then it hit me…why not FLIP the patterns? Use the floral as the primary for the back cushion and the chevron for the side panels??? I think it will look fun & fabulous, don’t you?????


I didn’t actually get started on them – switched the craft room with another bedroom instead! Everything isn’t quite in it’s place, but how grand to have a space dedicated to special projects!





Ahhhhh…..Texas rain! I was thinkin’…oh to be in the country sitting on Lucille’s porch in a cozy rocker with a cup of coffee listening to raindrops splashing on her tin roof and birds waiting patiently to sing their songs…

Of course, I’m not in the country… today….

Lucille’s still in storage… today…

She doesn’t have a porch…or a tin roof…today…

BUT the dream is alive and well! My someDAY getaway….

I may need to buy a cozy rocker! 😀