Same Bat-Time, Same Bat-Channel…

God will providePoor Lucille….sitting patiently waiting for progress… this has certainly been a summer! A couple of weeks ago I ran across an image..Facebook perhaps?  I don’t  recall, but it captured my attention all the same – it’s quite easy for us to make plans and then just expect God will work it into His, isn’t it?

This summer hasn’t exactly been what I had in mind, but thankfully God still provided exactly what I needed and exactly when I needed it.

This summer has been a giving season of sorts to those in need of an encourager – someone willing to stand in the gap.  Did I hit my expected mark each time? Doubtful.  But I gave what I had in the circumstance and I’m confident God was the one really filling the gap.

Who knows what the Fall will bring…perhaps Lucille will get the much needed attention to finish up the last few big projects.  Perhaps she will move to her new home in the country…perhaps…


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