And the Beat Goes On…

La de da de de…la de da de da….

My goodness time flies! While actual renovation activities at Lucille have been sidelined the better part of this year, she hasn’t been forgotten!

The dishes I thought were perfect? Eh…not so much…cute yes…for Lucille? No. I finally chose a set from Target’s Threshold line & I love them! Coupled with a few vintage melmac pieces from the 60s & 70s? I’m a happy camper!

I found these on Etsy…aren’t they perfect????


While I was working on a home project I came across several dinette cushion fabric options and finally settled on this combination…


Like most everything else, it seems I’ve been searching for bedding forever…in my Etsy dazed search for vintage melmac, I stumbled across chenille bedspreads. In an instant I was transported back to my grandparent’s farmhouse and knew Lucille must have at least one chenille spread! Ideally, I’d like to make a patchwork quilt from an assortment of vintage chenille spreads, but for now this one will be right at home – it’s a little difficult to see from the picture, but it has pretty yellow groundcloth with white fluffy wedding ring design all over – seller said it made her think of lemon meringue pie



And I decided (ie not started) on a backsplash for the vanity….pennies! Check out this example:


La de da de de…la de da de da…


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