Life Happens =/

My goodness! Yes, it has been almost two months since I last updated! Yes, the holidays were wonderful – enjoyed spending time with family & friends…yes, January came & went….we’re halfway through February too!

Texas received some much needed rain last month so I will not complain – it did put a bit of a damper on reno time…well, rain coupled with loads of work from the paying job 😀

I was able to do the small things like updating light fixtures with a little paint, changing out the bathroom door knob & putting all the pieces back that I took down – a/c vents, light fixtures….why it takes 8 screws to hold a piece of plastic in place is beyond me! I gave all the white plastic covers a good soak & scrub w/little bleach….they may not look all that different, but at least they’re clean.

Updated fixtures….and yes, I realized the wall fixture was upside down 😉


I did order the countertop refinishing kit from Daisch Coatings – so far I’m just working on the dinette – figured it was a good starting place! So far I’m really pleased – the company provides EVERYTHING you need in the kit – rollers, tray, even sandpaper – and they’re customer service is friendly, informative & encouraging! Hopefully this next weekend I’ll get the top coats on and I’ll post pics

I’m still debating on window coverings….I may start with floor to ceiling window panels & see how I like it…the standard window cornices are okay but for some reason the seem to close in the area (if that makes sense) – privacy is not a major concern, but I’ll try it & then I can always add blinds later

Oh! I did find dishes! I saw these at Bed Bath & Beyond several months ago, but it was end of season – thankfully, they brought them back & I snatched up the entire set – we’ll add some solids here & there, but at least we have the main pieces20130218-064904.jpg

One day at a time….. patience & faith….it will come together in God’s perfect timing