Hooray for Paint & Flooring

Busy busy bees! The past few weeks have been focused on getting walls primed & painted…although I rarely use oil-based anything, I read somewhere a primer with a bonding agent would work best; no idea if that’s true, but I decided to err on the side of caution

It’s still surprising to me how everything takes MUCH longer than you’d think – it must be all the nooks & crannies and the simple fact there’s very little use for a full size roller. Those little edge painters are great – I’m just a messy painter! We (that means my daughter) decided the ceiling should be painted after all…so I spent loads of time removing a/c vents, lights, etc. – why a fixture that weighs all of 2 ounces requires 8 screws is beyond me!

All in all I’m loving the colors – it’s a relaxing palette – just what I was looking for!

Walls/Ceiling: Valspar Lyndhurst Stone

Cabinet: Valspar Shoreline Haze
Kitchen cabinets: Valspar April Thicket

I was hoping to finish all the painting before we started flooring, but the best I could do was prime & one full coat (walls & ceiling) throughout. Oh well, I will add it to the “after flooring” to-do list

The flooring is going great (check out the Flooring page for pics)…with the help of a great friend we’ve just about completed everything except the bedside area, by the shower/vanity & toilet area…. lots of tight spaces remaining, but hopefully we’ll finish with one more day. I need to head back to Lowes, but hoping to find a wood finished shoe moulding for the trim.  I went with TrafficMaster Allure Vinyl Flooring (Barnwood) from Home Depot



5 thoughts on “Hooray for Paint & Flooring

  1. Good evening-

    We named our fifth wheel Lucille, as well. LOL But mostly we call her Lucy.

    I had a question about the flooring:
    We also chose the Allure plank, so my question is how did you handle the slides. Mostly covering the edge of the slide going over the floor. There will be an raw edge on that one side. Also the slide goes across and drops down level with the rest of the flooring. So did you figure out a way to cove up the gap pr for us the white Teflon strip the slide goes across before if settles flat when extended.
    I have been contemplating a carpet transition metal strip or a vinyl base board strip.

    Hope you have a great solution.

    • In my research, I found a blogger who gave FABULOUS instructions on installing Allure Flooring (http://www.rv-boondocking-the-good-life.com/rvflooringreplacement.html) …here’s a new tip if you have a slide out: I don’t know what it’s called, but you know the rubber strip. Unscrew and remove the rubber covering; run your flooring up to it – mine lapped over the metal flashing maybe 1/8″ – when I put the rubber cover back on, the screws held the glue strip! In the link, the guy used rubber base moulding (like at the bottom of kitchen cabinets) – good luck!

      • Thanks for such a quick reply. My wife and I have ripped everything out and what we did for insulation and cushioning is to lay Reflectix radiant barrier. Got that idea from Pippie. We don’t like the harshness of our current homes laminate floor on our feet. By also doing this we are hoping it will remove any issues with unevenness and flaws in the flooring we might have missed.

        So to make everything level and proper for the vinyl, I have been painstakingly putting down luan sub-flooring. But the normal cheaper stuff was to thick for where the slide came in. I thought a head and found that a couple of grommets/washers stacked on top of on another was the same height as the Allure planks. I decided that if the washers moved when on the sub-floor when I moved the slides then the slides would also hit the vinyl and potentially damage it. And that indeed was what happened.

        We had just remolded our kitchen and used much more expensive luan in Home Depot’s cabinet section, which was also much thinner. Cost more and get less. Like eating sushi instead of Whataburger. lol. I have used wood screws to screw the luan down, taking great causing to not do to deep or to leave the heads to tall, defeating the whole purpose.

        I have just about 10′ left to do in the main area, the hallway and bath. I found HD carried the vinyl in stair treads and the have other transition pieces in the same vinyl. Very expensive stuff, but I wanted to see if the transition material works.

        The Boondocking guy is one of our favorite DYIers as are Pippie and LoHo. Amy, my wife had told me about the vinyl baseboard, but I didn’t like the look of the screws and was worried that traffic would cause it to rip or curl. We will probably end up with it, ow seeing you have done it as well.

        Did you have any issues with scraping of the slides? If not did you do anything special to prevent it? I read some folks saying the put down pieces of flooring before the bring their slides in, others talk about covering their slides with carpet or putting planks upside down and attaching them to the bottom of the slide and still others speak to using some kind of plastic slides. I am hoping that with the thinner laun we wont have that issue.

        Again thx for for you advise.

        Hope you are enjoying your evening and that if you are out in east TX you didn’t get hit by the hail/floods to bad. Here in SA many folks did. We were spared.


      • Wow! You definitely have put in extra work – it will pay off I’m sure – good luck! Thankfully, I haven’t had any issues with my slide and absolutely love the flooring. I live in Houston but thankfully I’m high & dry – it’s been a crazy few days!

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