Lucille Update

Things are moving a bit more slowly, but still forging ahead! Cabinets are finished (and gorgeous!) but the countertops have been a bit of a challenge – so thankful I elected to have someone do it!

For some reason the self-leveling epoxy didn’t cure correctly on the first go round (most likely due to temp changes) so it had to be sanded down again…the bath vanity & clothes chest counters are done…only 4 more to go!

Color choices: decided to go with a vintage feel – red & turquoise….

Bedroom: I already have a couple of duvets covet that should work – a few accents and the bedroom will be easy to finish

Kitchen: I’m thinking of red & aqua melmac dishes from the 50s & 60s but that’s as far as I’ve gotten

Living room: HUGE score this past weekend! I’ve been trying to find a seating solution since I bought Lucille, but the space is REALLY tight – just not a fan of the RV sofa choices – I thought a daybed would be great ( even though my designer daughter nixed it), but they’re too long….ditto w/futons. Then I was looking at recliners…too wide for two… I felt like Goldilocks…nothing was quite right….then it happened… I was in a small country furniture store this past weekend and spotted a RED faux leather recliner…contemporary enough to give it a retro feel! Surprisingly it was quite comfy, but still too wide…well, as it happens, the love seat is perfect! YAY!!!!!!

How cool is that!???? And the price was right – Goldilocks found the one that was just right!