Demo Days 2 & 3

Originally I thought only carpet needed to come out….I soon discovered the linoleum existed just beyond the carpet & only secured at the wall edges & cabinets…standard I’m sure -another item on the newbie list of things to know!

A blessing in disguise though…discovered past water damage…maybe something or maybe not – I’ll have someone out this week to take a look even though flooring will be one of the last things….

Speaking of flooring…I’m thinking about TrafficMaster Allure vinyl planks -it’s a floating floor and from what I’ve read it’s not overly difficult to install in an RV – one of my chief concerns was about the transition on the slide out – seems the rubber base moulding often used in kitchens works wonderfully – installed UPSIDE DOWN!

First things first…to finish prep work for painting…and there will be LOTS of it! Once all the flooring was cleared out, I started priming – using oil-based…and since I don’t have power, I’m using the bathroom fan & opening all windows….fumes still pretty strong so I’m only doing a little at a time

Painting all the cabinets and walls. I was talking w/friend the other day (she also installed TrafficMaster in her home & loves it!) – she’s doing a few home projects and told me about countertop options – I was thinking about the Rustoleum Countertop Transformations – I’ve read several reviews and it seems doable – a little pricey & not a huge fan of the color choices though…

My friend recommended checking with local company that resurfaces tubs…BINGO! The company I met with also does a lot of marine work, which translates to RVs as well! I’m looking at a bid to paint the cabinets & refinish countertops – we shall see if it can fit into Lucille’s budget


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