Demo Days 2 & 3

Originally I thought only carpet needed to come out….I soon discovered the linoleum existed just beyond the carpet & only secured at the wall edges & cabinets…standard I’m sure -another item on the newbie list of things to know!

A blessing in disguise though…discovered past water damage…maybe something or maybe not – I’ll have someone out this week to take a look even though flooring will be one of the last things….

Speaking of flooring…I’m thinking about TrafficMaster Allure vinyl planks -it’s a floating floor and from what I’ve read it’s not overly difficult to install in an RV – one of my chief concerns was about the transition on the slide out – seems the rubber base moulding often used in kitchens works wonderfully – installed UPSIDE DOWN!

First things first…to finish prep work for painting…and there will be LOTS of it! Once all the flooring was cleared out, I started priming – using oil-based…and since I don’t have power, I’m using the bathroom fan & opening all windows….fumes still pretty strong so I’m only doing a little at a time

Painting all the cabinets and walls. I was talking w/friend the other day (she also installed TrafficMaster in her home & loves it!) – she’s doing a few home projects and told me about countertop options – I was thinking about the Rustoleum Countertop Transformations – I’ve read several reviews and it seems doable – a little pricey & not a huge fan of the color choices though…

My friend recommended checking with local company that resurfaces tubs…BINGO! The company I met with also does a lot of marine work, which translates to RVs as well! I’m looking at a bid to paint the cabinets & refinish countertops – we shall see if it can fit into Lucille’s budget


Demo Day 1

Overall, Lucille appears to be in really good shape! Pics are on the Demo page…officially a member of the Demo Divas Club 😀

My goal for the day was to pull carpet, remove window treatments, and remove cabinet doors – mission accomplished! Sort of…didn’t make it to the bedroom, but not too shabby for 4.5 hrs work!

First things first….carpet MUST go! Oh…and the window coverings too…they’d seen brighter days, and like carpet they absorb yucky smells too…and it doesn’t matter how great a housekeeper you are – carpet traps dirt. See the dark stuff on the 3rd photo of the Demo page? DIRT. Other than that, she’s pretty clean and I am quite thankful!

Took me a bit to figure out how to get the valances down, but I got there…. I saved the headers for the shades – my initial thought was to know exact measurements….after pricing blinds, I may drag out the sewing machine & make roman shades – maybe I can use the headers to attach???? We shall see….

During Lucille’s full-body facelift she’ll be staying at Uncle Bob’s….storage facility that is…super close to the house thankfully – my little Civic isn’t exactly ideal for carting off materials, but it works!