Big Leap!!

Anyone who knows me knows I love my getaways…little spots off the beaten trail…spots where I long to be still….

For about six months or so I’ve been searching for a travel trailer…I had a set budget and was determined to stick to it and trusting God would open the right door at the right time. He is so faithful!!!


She’s a beaut!!!! A 2007 Jayco Jayflight ready for a makeover…the bones are good….a little elbow grease and the blank canvas will be ready for a designer’s touch & my daughter’s just the one to guide me on this part of the journey…a recent grad in Interior Design!



2 thoughts on “Big Leap!!

  1. Hi there… I came across you & Lucille on Pinterest. I bought a 1994 motorhome and have decided to redecorate & repurpose into my sewmobile! Please find me on Instagram as RipStitcher & join me. I’ll probably make a website too… But for now, I’d love to share with you on IG.

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