Time for a New Chapter!

I’m a wee bit late in this post…I shared some on FB last month, but thought I’d better close out this portion of my journey blog….

God is so faithful to provide EXACTLY what I need WHEN I need it – my precious camper, Lucille, was destroyed during one of the storms that came through SE Texas in late April this year.

Odd as this may sound, do you ever find yourself overwhelmed by blessings? Granted, many may not think of blessings when faced with a major loss as many families were impacted by the insane weather events in SE Texas over the past couple of months …much more extensive than a destroyed camper…

But there are blessings all the same…look up and you can’t miss them! God provides thru every single storm…our challenge is to trust Him to see us thru..

My continued prayer is for anyone facing the seemingly insurmountable task of beginning again…whatever that picture looks like…remember this:


From the first time I crossed the threshold, an overwhelming and indescribable peace came over me…God was in that place – a camper! A dingy…and stinky camper!

Within minutes I wrote a check…a BIG check (for me!) and honestly, I was a bit concerned about buyers remorse – I don’t exactly have the best track record with seemingly hasty decisions…except this time it wasn’t hasty at all… I’d been earnestly praying for months for God to lead the way with unwavering patience… and lead He did!  From the first to the last time I crossed her threshold, I immediately exhaled the cares of the world as I allowed God to speak to my spirit and teach me along the way…

I’ll miss Lucille the camper dearly, but smile with each & every thought of her. Although she never made it to the country, I still have a treasure trove of wonderful memories shared with family & friends…20130608-181422.jpg

….like the late night spent with my precious sisters in Christ writing scripture all around the floor….that’s literally standing on His Word!20121212-145142.jpg

….my sweet & oh so patient daughter with her amazing designer’s vision cheering me on every step of the way….

….the crazy hard, but oh so fun weekends with “my friend Susie” laying new flooring…

….quiet afternoons at the storage lot listening to birds sing & drifting off to sleep on her snazzy red leather love seat…image


…shopping Etsy for vintage goodies…


and especially visits with family & friends who needed an escape…yes – even in a storage lot!  It goes to show ya that location isn’t everything – it’s about blooming where you’re planted😊 #newseason #bloomwhereyouareplanted #friendsforever

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Will I ever have another Someday Getaway? Who knows!




Spring is in the Air!

Needless to say, 2015 was a year focused on restoration – health restoration, that is.  And I’m hopeful 2016 will, among other things, focus on Lucille’s restoration!   Oh my sweet Lucille!  She’s only about 30 minutes away, but I’ve hardly spent any time in her.  I am so thankful for friends though – friends willing to keep her safe until we get her moved to the country.

Yes, I’ve had my hands full for the past year and yes, it’s easy to understand why nothing has been done, but I’m feeling stronger every day and hopeful to make progress on her this next year!  The things that need to be done aren’t massive…and actually there are a couple of projects for me to finish at home – like the cushions! They should only take me a few days… oh goodness!  I should really get on that, shouldn’t I???

I picked up a couple of goodies for her last year… super cute, don’t you think?

IMG_3395 IMG_3396



IMG_3998IMG_3997My dear friends have been putting in long weekend hours working on property improvements. A big challenge for the area are washouts – often requiring

4-wheel drive to access the property. As you can see, they’ve really been making progress grading the driveway, adding geotech liner (WOWEEE!!!!), and now searching for a great deal on limestone.

A big question – well, up until a few weeks ago… was whether or not I’d be able to make the 1 1/2 – 2 hr drive.  I’m pleased as punch to report I’m able to drive up to FOUR hours now!  Granted, I’m pretty tired afterwards, but sitting for an extended period in the car doesn’t seem to be an issue – God is good!!!!

TEMPUR Ergo Plus

TEMPUR Ergo Plus

Of course I will still need to be prepared – and one essential piece of furniture/equipment is an adjustable bed frame.  I still cannot lay flat without significant pain.  Sleep as I knew it was revolutionized when my sweet brother purchased a Tempur-Pedic TEMPUR Ergo Plus base for my bedroom – it was such an amazing gift and has provided such perfect positioning to ensure the best night’s rest every.single.night.  Now, if you’ve been brave enough to price these puppies, you know they aren’t cheap!  Granted, they are worth every penny in my book, but my pennies are quite limited these days!  Originally, my family recommended craigslist or discount retailers selling discontinued or floor models.  Unfortunately, at the time I needed something immediately and my generous brother stepped up big time!  So…when I started thinking of allocating remodel funds towards another adjustable base, you better believe I let my fingers do the walking and found a great deal!  The best part is that it’s the EXACT same model as the one I have at home -AND I got it for a fraction of the cost – woo hoo!

IMG_4045 IMG_4044Now…if you know anything about RVs, you may be thinking, “uh…how exactly will that fit?”  Since the air mattress (yes, I’ll need a new mattress too) sits on top of a 2ft plywood storage platform, the bed frame is sitting in my garage for now.  My handy dandy soon to be son-in-law (yay! I’m gonna have a son!) is helping on that front – he removed the hinged top and cut out the surround a couple of weeks ago – we soon discovered the six extra flooring planks weren’t nearly enough to run the flooring in the newly opened space!

Thankfully, I saved one of my boxes and Home Depot still carries the TrafficMaster Allure vinyl plank flooring! I still haven’t quite decided how I want to enclose the area – do I want inside or outside storage?  The space is so small, I’m leaning towards sealing off the outside access…stay tuned on that one!

Now…last, but by no means least…. if you’ve followed my blog, you know countertops have been a troubled topic since I first bought Lucille.  My dream countertops turned into a bit of a nightmare when my contractor botched the job and took off – lesson learned NEVER pay in full until a job is COMPLETE!

I have searched and searched and searched some more in hopes of finding the perfect countertop finish.  Ideally, I wanted to replace the formica…but then opted to put that money towards the adjustable bed.  Then I tried a countertop refinishing product on the dinette.  It was fine, and I’d still recommend using it, but it just wasn’t what I wanted for Lucille.  Then I considered the paper bag technique – super cute, but again not quite the right vibe for Lucille.  I even considered penny countertops – super duper cute, but still…not quite right….sounds like my countertop decision is a modern day Goldilocks tale!


Hammered trial board next to sink



A week or so ago I was cleaning out under my kitchen sink at home and stumbled across a can of Rustoleum Hammered finish spray paint….and I thought to myself, “I LOVE this stuff!!!!  What about using this for Lucille’s counters?????”  Immediately, I grabbed my trial piece of plywood (still thinking how much I loved the brown paper bag technique) and sprayed away….oh….so stinkin’ cute!!!!! It’s super shiny and ties in well with the other black accents (hardware, stove, & refrigerator trim)

Originally, my boss designer daughter boycotted my idea, but I think she’s coming around.  One thing is for certain…it’s cute, it’s cost effective, and ANYTHING will look better than what’s there now!

dinette sprayed w/black hammered finish

dinette sprayed w/black hammered finish

rustoleum copy I went ahead and used spray paint to test the dinette top – I was so eager to see the result, I didn’t prep the surface AT ALL – yeah…I know, but what can I say? I was excited!!!!  Here’s a snapshot of the dinette test – I’ll give it a light sanding and use the roll-on vs the spray (one can doesn’t go too far).  One quart covers about 100SF and runs about $15/qt.

I still have the countertop refinishing paint I originally used on the dinette top and will use it on the kitchen counters to ensure the Rustoleum really adheres.  I’m not sure if I will need a polyurethane top coat – I’ll let it cure and then see how it holds up!

Stay tuned! I hope to report back soon with all sorts of completed projects!


camper1 copy


All in Good Time…

Oh my goodness…2014 zoomed by with such little progress on Lucille! Not that 2014 wasn’t chock full of life events – just hop over to my other blog, Celeta’s Journey, and you’ll see what I mean.

The only thing that’s really changed with Lucille is that she’s no longer at the storage lot – let me tell you though, she really came in handy last summer!

Happy CamperI always talk about how peaceful it is to just sit inside Lucille – even unfinished – even in a storage lot – with views of other campers and the scent of the chinese restaurant nearby.  Last summer was no exception.  It was tough time – really tough.  My father passed after a battle with Alzheimer’s, my stepdad had unexpected surgery while visiting from California, my parents moved back to Texas (much sooner than expected), and I was ill ( & didn’t have a clue!)

In the midst of chaos, there was sweet little Lucille…waiting to welcome me and others…on more than one occasion… to find rest while God whispered His promises to our hearts.  Her floors covered in Scripture quietly assured visitors it was okay to shed tears and voice fears…of pain, lost expectations, the known and the unknown…all who entered knew God was in this place, were blessed and welcomed.

The last time I really spent any time in her was just before my *official* cancer diagnosis in October.  I declare – I miss her! Sounds silly to miss a camper, but I do!  I didn’t realize how much until I visited last week – for now, she’s housed at my friend’s house (talk about great friends!)  No, they don’t really have room – that’s just the great people they are!  The same things are still unfinished inside, but the peace? It’s still there!  imageI walked through…making my to-do list…most of which I’m not physically capable of doing right now, but I felt better making a list.  Hopefully…hopefully some time this year a few items will get crossed off the list.  We’re going to see just what it will take moneywise to get her moved to the country – bare essentials like the base platform, water and solar necessities.  Heck maybe not even power!

My dream come true will be to spend a weekend in her – listening to the wind in the trees and the crickets singing a goodnight lullaby…all in good time…

Or Maybe Penny Countertops???

I declare….will I ever finish Lucille’s counters??? I really liked the original plan, but since my contractor skipped town w/out completing the job I’ve been a wee bit hesitant to invest more money. I found a good product by Daisch, but I’m just not a fan of the color….it’s a bit bland for my taste.

I’d posted something on Pinterest ages ago for the vanity backsplash: pennies! Then today while I was rummaging around Pinterest I ran across a DIY countertop w/pennies. I’m sure I’ve seen them a gazillion times – the idea just never clicked

I figured the best way to see if I liked the look was to grab a bag of pennies & go check it out! Obviously I need a bunch more pennies, but I think I like it!



Brown Bag Counter Tops!

Keep it simple.

Brown Bag Counter Tops

No really! Haha. I sent this to my mom one night and she called me right away and was instantly hooked. Found this while browsing on pinterest of course. 🙂
It’s quite simple. You hate your counter tops but think it will be a fortune to re-do. WRONG!
Read on and see… 🙂
What you will need:

  • A roll of contractor brown paper ( Found it @ Lowes near paint supplies for like 10 bucks)
  • Elmer’s Glue (got a gallon at Lowes for 10 something)
  • Sand paper (if you need it! if you already have a flat surface with no holes you will not need this)
  • A bucket for mixing. (Used a butter dish but a bigger container may be easier- such as a paint tray)
  • Something to stir with. (As you can see a butter knife worked fine- it’s elmers glue it comes off so…

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So Much for Faux Barnwood…

Accent WallAccent Wall (before)Although I loved the faux barnwood look, once the flooring went in the two competed in a not so flattering way…at first I thought it would grow on me, but after a few months I knew it had to change.  We tried several shades of yellow – some were real eye openers – kinda like when you dye your hair & cringe every time you pass a mirror 🙂  For the entry wall, I finally went with the kitchen cabinet color

For the kitchen & picture window wall, I settled on a dreamy creamy yellow that is bright & cheery enough for the space, but relaxing at the same time!

Just one coat, but LOVE LOVE the color!

Just one coat, but LOVE LOVE the color!


Obviously there’s more to finish, but the color change is creating the relaxing vibe I long for.  I went by Lucille today to ‘take in the space’ and was immediately relaxed – so relaxed I fell asleep sitting on my oh so comfy love seat!

The to-do list is still long, but making progress…again!

Groundbreaking Excitement!

Perhaps not for everyone, but definitely for me! This weekend my truly awesome friends dedicated their precious time & skills towards Lucille’s future home! Let me tell you, I’m pretty much clueless when it comes to fully comprehending what it takes to create a solid foundation, but I’m learning.

We’re talking c-o-u-n-t-r-y folks…..you don’t just call a contractor and zippidy doo dah it’s done. I’m beyond blessed to have such extraordinary friends!  It was a productive day – we’re ready for the rain to pack in the first load of dirt; another load and we’ll be ready to put up the slab form (I think that’s what it’s called!)

Let the Sun Shine In!

20131002-073249.jpgWindow treatments.  Who knew it could be so challenging to find the right look?  When I first purchased Lucille I knew something had to be done with the windows…  the shades had seen MUCH brighter days and the cornices…well…aside from the fabric not being anything remotely Lucille style… had to go…

But to what???? As you know, I’m a Pinterest fan, so off I went to window treatment idea land… oh so many fabulous ideas! DIY painted roller shades, custom cornices, cute & fun fabric curtains…

The challenge:  Lucille will be in the country… the beautiful, very DUSTY country!  As much as I love the feel of fabric, keeping cornices clean might prove to be a challenge…simple sheers would wash easy…would I really wash them???? Customized roller shades sound fun, but then there’s that cornice issue again…and considering how long it’s taken me to upholster dinette cushions perhaps I should keep thinking…

My preference is to let the sun shine in and maximize an open feel in fairly tight quarters… but from time to time I may need some degree of privacy… I finally landed on the idea of woven blinds – haven’t seen any campers using them, but why not???  So off Miss Designer and I went to Lowes to check out a few samples… we picked up three to test: natural woven (darker tone), white (faux natural – PLASTIC), and a medium tone…

IMG_0124Since I Iwanted an airy open feel, I was certain light was the way to go…well, maybe not…the white looked cheap, but the darker tone? The LAST one I would have thought would look good?  SO PRETTY!!!! Guess that’s why I have a personal designer!  With non-standard widths and lengths, I figured blinds.com was the way to go… not the most frugal approach to window treatments, but I do believe they will be just what I wanted…and yes, I splurged to add the trim 😀

Stay tuned for installation pics!  I’ll be installing at least one this weekend!

The Flip

Last week my household was hit by the dead battery epidemic! My daughter’s car was the first….actually it was the Jeep, but the battery has been drained in it for some time… anyway… Friday as I left work…attempted to leave work, that is…my battery was dead too! IMG_0087

Thankfully my boss was parked one spot over, gave the car a jolt, and I was on my way!

The reminder that if you don’t run a vehicle chances are pretty high the battery will die prompted me to run over to the storage unit…

Why yes! The battery on Lucille was dead too! I’d forgotten to take the fuse out & my small solar charger doesn’t seem to do the trick.


Not a huge deal, but it was nice to sit and visit her for a while!


As I was looking around, I was thinking….”maybe I should finish those cushions this weekend!” and then I started thinking some more…I love the patterns, but not exactly excited about dealing with the chevron pattern again…I’m one of those seamstresses that ALWAYS notices when plaids & stripes don’t align and knew I was in for a challenge matching the chevron…then it hit me…why not FLIP the patterns? Use the floral as the primary for the back cushion and the chevron for the side panels??? I think it will look fun & fabulous, don’t you?????


I didn’t actually get started on them – switched the craft room with another bedroom instead! Everything isn’t quite in it’s place, but how grand to have a space dedicated to special projects!